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Tips for protecting marble vanity tops

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tips for protecting marble vanity tops 2
tips for protecting marble vanity tops 2

Marble has elegant gloss. It is difficult to maintain gloss of marble due to holes of marble. Sealing can help prevent stone from absorbing liquids. Acidic liquids such as orange juice, lemon, soda, various foods and common household cleaners can corrode the marble vanity top, so do not use acidic cleaners on the marble vanity top. Rinse and dry the marble vanity top to avoid water stains after you finish using it. The only way to remove corrosion and water stains is to pay a stone care professional to polish the vanity top again. Soft, bleach containing detergents or common household detergents can be used for routine care.

Prevent keeping water in the sink for a long time
Unplug the sink after you finish using the sink, and wipe water on the vanity top. This habit can keep the stone’s surface clean and reduce pollution.

Prevent scratches
Prevent scratches by hard objects or steel balls, because the protective effect will be influenced.

Choose the right cleaner
It is well known that the stone will be harmed by strong acid and alkali. Don’t neglect the ingredient of detergents when the stone is clean. Generally, the cleaner contains acid and alkali. If the cleaner with unknown ingredients is used for a long time, the surface’s gloss of the stone will be lost. For example, it is necessary to use an alkaline cleaner because the marble is alkaline, while the granite is acidic, it’s best to use an acidic cleaner.

The protective agent has a warranty
Although the protective agent is not a panacea, the vanity top must need a protective agent. Even if the best protective agent can be damaged by hot water, soap and various bathing materials after a long time, affecting the effect.

Under normal circumstances, the protective effect of the vanity top can last about one year, and there will be different degrees of pollution after 2 years. Therefore, applying the protective agent is not once and for all, and the protective agent should be applied regularly. Small vanity tops don’t require a professional stone care company to care them. It is recommended using brightening stone care agents for the vanity top. They are not expensive. Using a small piece of cloth to wipe the vanity can clean, protect and polish the vanity top, which is very convenient.

Special circumstances
If the sink is deeply damaged, aging, slight cracks, cracks and damage will appear on the surface of the vanity top. A professional stone care company should be hired.

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