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The Tianjin International Stone Fair 2018

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Exhibition Name: The Tianjin International Stone Fair 2018 
Exhibition Date: From 9th to 11th August, 2018
Venue: Tianjin Meijiang Exhibition Center

Contractor: Beijing Wenhang International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

The introduction of the exhibition
Tianjin is one of the central cities and the largest port city in northern China. Tianjin has become an important hub for material exchanges between the North and the South and a distributing center for commodities in the Northeast, Northwest and North China.

The Tianjin International Stone Fair 2018 is the largest and most influential annual event in northern China. The exhibition is located in Tianjing, which is the important transportation hub and trade center in northern China and radiates 20 provinces and cities in the north of the Yangtze River, northeast, north and northwest of China. The Tianjin Stone Exhibition will become the top trade event for technical exchange, brand promotion, channel expansion and procurement for the stone industry in the north and south of China. Many domestic and overseas buyers, distributors, agents, distributors, building contractors, architectural design companies, construction companies, architects, designers, real estate developers and well-known media in the industry are invited to the Tianjin International Stone Fair.

Scopes of exhibits
Marble blocks, granite blocks, sandstone blocks, limestone, quartz, sandstone, slate, etc.

Natural stone sheets, marble sheets, granite sheets, sandstone sheets, composite sheets, environmental stone, etc.

Artificial stone 
Artificial quartz stone, artificial culture stone, artificial stone plate, etc.

Chinese tombstones, Japanese tombstones, Korean tombstones, European tombstones, Russian tombstones, American tombstones, art tombstones, etc.

Stone tablet products
Stone carving, stone carving products, garden landscape stone, rockery stone, etc.

Environmental decoration
Pebbles, blind stone, antique stone, landscape stone, cultural stone, mushroom stone, etc.

Maintenance materials and equipment
Cleaning machinery series, cleaning tools series, detergent series, stone mining equipment, etc.

Stone monument products
Stone carving, stone carving products, stone monument products, garden landscape stone, rockery stone, etc.

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