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The Difference Between Statuario Marble and Calacatta Marble?

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What is Statuario marble & what are the differences with Calacatta marble?

When it comes to embodying luxury and sophistication through marble, few options rival the allure of Statuario marble. Alongside Calacatta, it stands out as a premier choice among white marbles, renowned for its impeccable quality and breathtaking beauty. This exclusive stone boasts a luminous white base adorned with intricate grey veins, forming patterns that are at once commanding and graceful. Ideal for indoor use, Statuario marble lends an air of opulence to spaces such as reception counters, kitchen countertops, splashbacks, floor tiles, and bathroom vanities. Its presence is often felt in top-tier hotels and esteemed residential settings, where it elevates the ambiance to unparalleled heights.

statuario marble Italy tile 2

Statuario marble derives its name from the prestigious quarries nestled in the mountainous region above Carrara, Italy. However, its availability is notably scarce compared to other varieties, as suppliers struggle to meet the soaring demand. Consequently, Statuario stands as one of the most coveted and exclusive types of marble worldwide.

statuario marble Italy tile

Types of Statuario

Statuario marble comes in two primary types, with the first and most esteemed variation known as “Bianco Statuario.” This high-grade marble exhibits purity, featuring either a milky white hue with subtle, fading light veins, or a classic bright white backdrop with occasional thick veins, reminiscent of “bastoni” or tree branches in Italian. Renowned for its captivating appearance, this variety is often sought after for statement projects, especially for the dramatic effect achieved through bookmatching patterns.

statuario marble Italy tile 3

The alternative version is “Statuario Venato,” distinguished by its luminous white base, serving as an ideal canvas for its distinctive straight veins. These veins, darker and more pronounced than those found in Statuario Bianco, intricately sprawl across the slabs, creating a captivating visual contrast. This interplay of light and dark renders Statuario Venato particularly suitable for projects in well-lit spaces, such as kitchen countertops flooded with natural light or striking focal points in bright bathrooms.


Statuario Bianco slabs are priced based on several key factors. These include the purity and whiteness of the background, the absence of natural flaws, and the density of veining. The purer and cleaner the slab, devoid of imperfections and with minimal veining, the higher the price climbs. Considering its rarity and overall exceptional quality, Statuario Bianco commands premium prices compared to other marble types. As a result, the cost per square meter for a slab typically ranges between €650 to €1900, reflecting its exquisite nature and desirability in the market.

statuario marble Italy tile 4
statuario marble Italy tile 4

In contrast, Statuario Venato typically offers a more accessible pricing range compared to its esteemed counterpart. Slabs of Statuario Venato can generally be found between €450 to €950 per square meter. While maintaining a pristine white background with fewer natural flaws compared to Calacatta, Statuario Venato showcases intricate veining patterns reminiscent of various Calacatta varieties. This abundance of veining contributes to its affordability relative to Statuario Bianco.

Primary differences between Statuario Bianco and Calacatta Marble 

Undoubtedly, Statuario Bianco and Calacatta stand at the pinnacle of the most coveted and premium-quality luxury marbles globally. While both varieties command high prices, Statuario reigns supreme in terms of cost. However, when it comes down to choosing between them (provided they’re readily available), the decision often boils down to personal preference and the suitability of a particular slab for your specific project—whether it’s for a kitchen, reception countertop, or a striking bathroom statement piece.

Although Calacatta and Statuario Bianco slabs may share similar dimensions and feature a pristine, pure white background, notable differences set them apart. These disparities primarily revolve around vein color, patterning, and the presence of natural imperfections, collectively defining distinct characteristics for each variety.

statuario marble Italy tile 5

Calacatta marble offers a broad spectrum of vein hues, ranging from light to dark grey, blue, and the iconic brass or gold tones found in select varieties. This diversity contrasts with Statuario’s more monochromatic palette, where grey veining dominates with minimal color variation and absence of gold veins. Additionally, the vein patterning differs significantly between the two. Calacatta tends to exhibit intricate, vigorous veining dispersed across its pristine white backdrop, while Statuario Bianco ideally showcases few, substantial grey “bastoni” or branches crossing a bright white slab, imparting its distinctive allure. Although not universal, slabs adhering to this description command premium prices.

Another noteworthy distinction lies in the presence of natural imperfections. Despite its esteemed status, Calacatta marble often bears occasional tears, open veins, or sporadic yellow markings or stains within its composition. Contemporary processing methods mitigate these flaws’ impact on slab integrity. Each Calacatta block undergoes resin treatment before slab cutting, with individual slabs receiving further resin treatment and reinforcement with a protective net underneath. Conversely, Statuario Bianco exhibits a more solid, compact structure, devoid of such occasional imperfections. Nonetheless, given the rarity and value of Statuario slabs, resin treatment and net reinforcement are standard procedures to ensure durability and reassure both suppliers and discerning buyers.

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The Difference Between Statuario marble and Calacatta Marble

The Difference Between Statuario Marble and Calacatta Marble?

What is Statuario marble & what are the differences with Calacatta marble? When it comes to embodying luxury and sophistication through marble, few options rival the allure of Statuario marble. Alongside Calacatta, it stands out as a premier choice among white marbles, renowned for its impeccable quality and breathtaking beauty.

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