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The Art of Perfectly Placing Stone Tiles – A Guide to Dry Lay Techniques

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Discover the essential practice of dry laying stone tiles for achieving flawless decorative results. At Hangmao Stone, we understand the significance of a superior dry lay effect, directly influencing the overall aesthetic appeal of natural stone. Our meticulous process ensures color harmony and flawless finishes.

Introduction to the Dry Lay Technique

Text: At Hangmao Stone, we believe in the importance of dry laying stone tiles to achieve a seamless and visually stunning finish. By meticulously placing each tile according to a precise plan, we guarantee an impeccable decorative effect.


The Process of Dry Laying

Text: Dry laying entails meticulously arranging processed stone products according to the drawing’s plan view, considering axis position, area, elevation, sub-elevation, and floors. This meticulous process allows us to observe and fine-tune the on-site effect, ensuring color consistency and perfect transitions.


Attention to Detail in Tile Placement

Text: Our skilled craftsmen carefully separate and dry lay the cut-to-size tiles, following the customer’s agreement board or sample. Each tile is inspected for color variation, and adjustments are made promptly. By paying attention to details like axis position and main facade color consistency, we achieve a harmonious outcome.

Layout Considerations for Large Slabs

Text: When working with large slabs, we ensure a reasonable layout by carefully selecting blocks and calculating the precise number of slabs that can be obtained. These slabs are then polished and sorted according to color on racks, while a detailed quality schedule is prepared to streamline the process.

The Dry Lay of Sodalite Blue Granite


Creating a Seamless Transition

Text: To maintain a uniform appearance, we pay special attention to the back, corners, secondary main surfaces, and high floors, using slightly different colors when necessary. However, the overall facade maintains a natural transition without any noticeable color differences.

The Dry Lay of silver travertine tiles

Efficient Material Usage

Text: The dry laying process also considers efficient material usage. We calculate the quantity of large-size tiles and small-size pieces per slab, allowing for cutting both large and small products in unison. Our talented craftsmen meticulously follow the plan, ensuring veins’ direction is considered and marked with arrows for proper installation.

The Dry Lay of Palissandro Blue Marble

Quality Assurance and Adjustments

Text: When the products are delivered, they are meticulously placed layer by layer in the designated dry lay area. Each tile’s surface is meticulously cleaned, and the overall effect is carefully examined. Any color variations are promptly adjusted, ensuring a consistent color palette throughout the installation. To address the natural variations within the stone, tiles with obvious color differences, veins, or grains are promptly replaced. While dry laying is performed earlier in the process, variations can still occur due to the uniqueness of each stone piece. We strive for perfection by conducting a second dry lay to guarantee the utmost quality.

The Dry Lay of Fusion Quartzite

Experience the Artistry of Dry Laying

Text: Experience the artistry and precision of dry laying stone tiles with Hangmao Stone. Our commitment to achieving flawless decorative results through meticulous planning and execution will transform your space into a work of art.

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