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The 30th China (Shanghai) International Building and Decorative Stone Exhibition 2019
• Date Commenced: 2019-07-17.
• Date Closed: 2019-07-19.
• Venue: Shanghai (Pudong) New International Expo Center.
• Contact number: 13524187672.
• Contact: Wang Hua.
• Organizer: Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association.

the 30th china international building and decorative stone exhibition 2019 kashmir black granite
the 30th china international building and decorative stone exhibition 2019 kashmir black granite

Exhibition introduction:
[Scope of the Exhibition]
1. Stone categories: marble blocks, granite blocks, sandstone blocks, limestone, quartz stone, sand stone, slate, etc.;
2. Stone slabs: natural stone slabs, marble slabs, granite slabs, sandstone slabs, composite stone slabs, environmental stone slabs;
3. Artificial stone: artificial jade, jade background wall, artificial quartz stone, artificial culture stone, artificial stone slabs;
4. Tombstones: Chinese tombstones, Japanese tombstones, Korean tombstones, European tombstones, Russian tombstones, American tombstones, art tombstones
5. Stone carving products: stone carving, stone carving products, stone monument products, garden landscape stone, rockery stone, etc.;
6. Environmental decoration categories: pebbles, stone sidewalk for the blind, antique stone, landscape stone, cultural stone, mushroom stone, etc.;
7. Stone machinery and processing equipment; mine saw series, stone cutting machine series, stone grinding machine series, stone thinning machine series, profiling machine series, polishing machine series, artificial stone machinery series, mosaic machinery series, stone engraving machine series, diamond tools, all kinds of saw blades, stone mining equipment, stone processing machinery, diamond saw blades, abrasives, stone chemical protective products, various types of stone monitoring equipment, scientific and research design results, magazine materials, etc.
8. Maintenance materials and equipment: cleaning machinery series, cleaning tools series, detergent series.
9. Stone (granite, marble, slate, sandstone, quartz, pebbles, artificial stone, etc.), stone carvings and stone products, shaped stone, stone production equipment, horticultural culture stone, etc.

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