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Marble mosaics are made from natural stone with specialized technique. Because of their small size, various colors and types, they can be formed into jigsaw with gradient effect in infinite combinations. Marble mosaics are mainly for wall and floor decoration, pattern art, and widely used in hotels, bars, stations, swimming pools, entertainment venues.


There are many kinds of mosaics; marble mosaic is one of them. Mosaics have diverse patterns and shapes. There are herringbone, lantern-shaped, hexagon and bread-shaped ones. In home decoration, mosaics are mainly used for wall and floor decoration. With their small sizes and rich colors, mosaics can be arranged in various patterns, which makes it easy for designers to use their own design inspiration to maximize mosaics’ beauty and show their charm and their hosts’ taste. Meanwhile, mosaics should be used in match with the overall style of the house.


A stone water-jet medallion is the most common water-jet medallion on the market. It glues stone with all kinds of colors, like marble, granite, jade, engineered stone, cut by water-jet into the required shapes. Stone water-jet medallions are the most magnificent and elegant ornament at present, mainly used in living room, dining room, hallway, star hotel, shopping mall, villa.

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