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With its high density but softness, natural marble is easy to cut, carve, grind and polish. After polished, the bright and clean, mirror-like surface and flowing texture of marble make it exceptionally suitable for decoration. And due to its low water absorption, high durability that can withstand 40-100 years of use, natural marble slabs and profile shapes are seen as frequently-used materials for home decoration and furniture making. When it comes to compressive strength, a reachable 300 MPa endurance (depending on rock stratum) makes marble only second to granite, a rock less varied in texture comparing to marble, and hard to be deformed.


Granite is usually used in the foundation of wall and outdoor wall decoration because it is not easily affected by metamorphism and weathering, as well as its lustre can maintain more than a century. And due to its hardness and abrasion resistance, granite can also be used in advanced architectural decoration. There are two types of granite, one is China-origin granite, which can be processed in various ways and used in a great many places, mostly for outdoor decoration. The other is granite originated from other countries, usually for design countertop. Granite is of high density, surface hardness and compressive strength, low water absorption, excellent chemical stability and strong durability.

Pebble Stone

Pebble stones include natural color machine-made pebbles, river pebbles, river stones, landscaping stones, cultural stones and other architectural decoration materials and interior decoration materials, non-toxic, odorless and of good color fastness. The pebbles have the nature stone’s characteristics like good hardness, bright simple color, compression resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. They are ideal environment-friendly building material. Pebble stones are widely used in public buildings, villas, courtyard buildings, pavements ( a frequent waking on the pebble roads in parks offers you good health and a long life), park rockeries, bonsai filling materials, garden art and other high-rise superstructures. Pebbles not only carry forward the ancient culture of the East, but also reflect the classical, elegant and pure Western style.


Travertine is well known for its small holes on the surface, mostly in beige, making people feel warm and comfortable. With its rich and clear textures, the travertine stone makes the building have great history and cultural charm. Therefore, travertine is used for many buildings worldwide, mainly in exterior wall decoration and interior flooring and wall decoration.


Basalt has excellent performance in compression and fracture resistance, good wear resistance and low water absorption. Therefore, it is also a very good building decorative material, which can be widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration, mainly as outdoor paving stones. Its design and color are natural and well coordinated with the surrounding landscape. Basalt is ideal for outdoor landscape construction. Especially, it is the best choice as floor tiles.

Engineered Stone

Engineered stone generally refers to engineered quartz, engineered marble stone, etc. The composition of each stone depends on the category it belong to. Common composition includes resin, solid surfacing material, aluminum powder for engineered stone, pigment, and curing agent. The manufacturing process of polymer composites for architecture is a series of chemical processes. With the progress of science and technology, this kind of polymer composite has emerged and been continuously improved. Engineered stone is a new type of eco-friendly material, mainly used in architectural decoration.


As an environmentally friendly decorative material, sandstone not only has the characteristics of natural stone, like hardness, wear resistance and weight sense, but also has its uncommon excellent surface texture, strong plasticity and expressiveness. It can be used to display a variety of different artistic styles. In architecture and space decoration, sandstone shows natural decorative effects and artistic connotations, elegant, warm, beautiful, flexible and simple, without losing the magnificence, where it is incomparable to other decorative materials. The sandstone mainly includes creamy white sandstonebeige sandstoneyellow sandstonered sandstonecoffee sandstone, etc.


Limestone is a kind of stone material which is non-radiative, non-toxic, high-quality, odorless and impervious. It is called an environmental-friendly product within the stone industry. Limestone is easy to be customized into limestone slabs in various specifications. It has been widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration, or used as paving stones for large squares. There are mainly blue limestone and beige limestone in our country. Limestone can be used as outdoor paving stones, stepping stones, stairs, and can also be used to make various sculptures.

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