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Granite-China Granite Manufacturers & Suppliers

Granite is a popular natural stone that is used for various construction and decorative purposes. It is durable, beautiful, and available in a wide range of colors and patterns. China is one of the leading producers and suppliers of granite in the world, and its

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tips for selecting the ideal size of marble stairs

Tips for Selecting the Ideal Size of Marble Stairs

Safety is the most important thing that should be given priority in all aspects of home design. In terms of stair design, as the size and shape of stairs are different in each space, the optimal size is also different. 1. Step height: For ordinary stairs, the height of the steps should be

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marble furniture shows upper class taste living room

Marble Furniture Shows Upper-Class Taste

The properties of natural marble includes its natural simplicity, aesthetic patterns and unique qualities, which enable designers to free their imagination and show creative ideas, thus it is very suitable for wall decoration. The texture of natural marble makes it exude a solemn atmosphere, giving people in it a clear sense of having a high

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how to tell marble from granite

How to Tell Marble from Granite?

Difference one One difference between granite and marble is the stone characteristic. The way to distinguish marble and granite with naked eyes is to look at their strips and patterns. Both granite and marble have patterns on them, while they are different in nature. Granite is an igneous rock, while marble is metamorphic, so their patterns are obviously different. Marble patterns are varied with smooth and enjoyable strips and lines rich

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only 1mm thick how thin can stone be

Only 1MM Thick? How Thin Can Stone Be?

1. How thin is ultra-thin stone? People who work in construction industry know that the thickness of stone used in construction is generally between 10-18mm. Stone with its thickness less than 15mm is called ultra-thin stone. Have you ever seen stone with a thickness of 1-2 mm? This ultra-thin stone is a

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the 30th china international building and decorative stone exhibition 2019 kashmir black granite

The 30th China International Building and Decorative Stone Exhibition 2019

The 30th China (Shanghai) International Building and Decorative Stone Exhibition 2019 • Date Commenced: 2019-07-17. • Date Closed: 2019-07-19. • Venue: Shanghai (Pudong) New International Expo Center. • Contact number: 13524187672. • Contact: Wang Hua. • Organizer: Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association. Exhibition introduction: [Scope

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marble countertop vanity top bathroom wall mold treatment

Marble countertop, vanity top, bathroom wall mold treatment

In modern home decoration, although some styles do not use marble extensively, there are several places where marble is definitely used, that is, our kitchen and bathroom. However, compared with other spaces, kitchen and bathroom space has long been in a relatively humid environment. Compared with other materials, marble has relatively

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what are the considerations for stone selection

What are the considerations for stone selection?

Stone is mainly used in the field of architectural decoration. Compared with other decorative materials, the marked feature is that stone belongs to natural minerals, and its unique decoration in many aspects such as color, texture, pattern and hardness. In addition to the type and color of the stone,

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