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Do you really know granite that can be seen everywhere in your life?

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Do you know about granite? In fact, granite can be seen everywhere in our lives, such as floor paving, railings, benches, and scenic walls, it is so close to us, but far apart. Next, let us get familiar with granite!

do you really know granite that can be seen everywhere in your life
do you really know granite that can be seen everywhere in your life

What is granite?

1. Definition
Granite is a kind of magma formed under the surface of the earth. It is a deep acidic igneous rock belonging to magmatic rocks. The main components are feldspar and quartz. According to the particle size of its grain, granite can be divided into fine grained granite, medium grained granite, coarse-grained granite and porphyritic granite.

2. Difference
Since we have talked about stone, how can we ignore marble that is favored by the majority of designers? I presume that everyone, like me, can not distinguish them well at the beginning. By mastering the following key points, we can say that we have the basic knowledge of these two kinds of stone.

Because of the radioactivity of the stone, the radioactivity of the granite is relatively large, and it is harmful to people’s body, and it can be used indoors and can only be installed outdoors. The radioactivity of marble is small and it is safe to use indoors. And the marble pattern is beautiful, suitable for interior decoration.

3. Advantages and disadvantages of granite

(1) Hard texture (2) Wear resistance (3) Low water absorption
(4) Corrosion resistance (5) High strength (6) Weather resistance

Without Heat resistance

Types of granite

1. According to its color, granite can be divided into:

Red series: Sichuan red, asbestos red, tiger skin red, cherry red, Pinggu red, azalea red, rose red, royal red, Lianzhou red, and so on.
Yellow series: yellow rust stone, gold cecilia, chrysanthemum yellow, tiger skin yellow and so on.
Arabescato series: arabescato white, arabescato with black and white, sesame white, arabescato, Lingnan farabescato, Jinan arabescato, Sichuan arabescato and so on.
Black series: light lividity black, pure black, sesame black, Sichuan black, Yantai black, Shenyang black, Changchun black and so on.
Green series: Forest green, gaoming green, fujian green, evergreen, pingshan green, etc.

2. According to the texture, granite can be divided into:

a. Polished
The polished stone is stone with mirror-like front side, with high brilliance and flatness. There is also a low-polished matte finish and a simple polished finish. Generally, the polished granite is not used as large-area paving outdoors, for its smooth surface are easy to make people slip, while it is generally used to as facade decorative material, waterscape veneering and small sculptures.

b. Flamed
The stone is heated at a high temperature until the crystal bursts, resulting in a rough surface effect. Due to its porous nature, an penetration sealer may need to be used. It can be used for paving, wall, building, etc.

c. Bush-hammered
The kind of stone has good anti-slip property and can be used for paving the floor, wall, flower pool and construction.

d. Sawn
It is directly cut and formed by equipment such as circular saw, carborundum saw or bridge type cutting machine. The surface is rough and has obvious machine cut lines. It can be used for the façade of structures and paving.

e. Natural
The natural surface of stone refers to the surface naturally formed on the stone. This kind of granite material is surfce treated by manual cutting, or directly with the natural cracking surface exposed in the mine. When used as a paving, granite stone is generally in a small specification of 100 * 100, which can be used as a speed bump or paving embellishment.

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